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Catering Konzept Möbel Floristik Licht

"This is not a playground."

With a little bit of taste and style, you might just try to go it alone. However, with some hundred 
square metres needing to be organised, you might soon come to realise that you have bitten off 
more than you can chew in this game. A well thought-out concept transforms merely illustrative 
decorations into subjective architecture and creates projection surfaces that can influence event 
processes and become accentuating room installations in their own right.

Floristry, tableware, furniture and lighting – that had thus far only been united in their aesthetic 
diversity and artistic ornamentation – then come into play. This is where intuition and an 
assured sense of style with regard to the overall ambiance of the room are required. 
Here the customer can and is encouraged to play a major role in the decision-
making process with regard to the composition of materials and the scenic 

Ultimately however, adding the accentuating touches remains the most crucial aspect of all as 
these finer points are quite often decisive when it comes to the overall impression.

"This is the real game."