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location Veranstaltungsorte Exklusiv Catering Locations Berlin

Rooms and locations await your discovery.

Together with you, we will find the most suitable architecture for every occasion. Be it 40 seconds 
above the city, in subterrestrial railway shafts or in the middle of a green island hidden away in 
the third back yard of a building.

In Berlin, Potsdam and the surrounding area, some 120 venues are conceivable – some of which 
can be booked for up to 500 people. With our “Berliner Locations” catalogue, we have – over the 
years – developed a tool which brings out the best in every location: exclusive, full of 
atmosphere and above all with a buoyant ambiance.

Picture a room with an open fireplace, a revolving gallery and high brick walls. Maybe you would 
like a modern, stylish loft or club atmosphere above the city? Or maybe you’d prefer a ballroom 
with iridescent crystal chandeliers and candle holders?

Berlin is constantly changing and evolving. New locations are forever cropping up; there is an 
array of architecture awaiting your discovery – also in the surrounding areas. Our catering 
partners’ mobile kitchens, which ensure that our culinary offerings are freshly prepared 
and arranged on location, prove to be the key to venues that would otherwise be out of 

Rooms and locations. Let your imagination run wild.