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Servicepersonal Fahrer Koch Küchenhilfe kellner

Service is more.

Drivers, kitchen assistants, cooks, event technicians, the indispensable background crew – all these
people work behind the scenes and support the waiters and waitresses and, in doing so, enable
them to provide service in a patient, unobtrusive manner – ensuring that no detail, no matter
how small, is overlooked.

Events are made up of weeks of planning, days of assembly and disassembly and quite often only
very few hours of the stage, the lights and the party. Each of the crew therefore understands his
or her importance and role: natural friendliness, unpretentious professionalism and cooperative
humanity prove to be an unbeatable team.

The customer is king – but top-quality service is not achieved by simply attending to a customer.
Creativity and humour are also vital. Our photographer, Dan Taylor, captures his very own
perspective in this regard.

Allow yourself to be inspired.